What is Law New?

law new

Law new means something that has recently been created and adopted as an official rule or regulation. For example, a group of students might propose different ideas on how to improve their school, and after a discussion and vote, one idea becomes an official rule that everyone must follow. Similarly, laws are created and passed by Congress or another legislative body. They are sometimes called bills or statutes.

When a House committee votes to pass a bill, the staff prepares a written report on its purpose and scope, including a section-by-section analysis of how it would change existing laws. These reports are valuable sources of information on the meaning of a bill, and they are also used by courts and executive departments as the basis for legal decisions. This site provides links to committee reports as they are published in the House Record and the Statutes at Large, after they have been formally assigned public law (PL) numbers and slip law texts by NARA.