New Law For Law Firms

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Law is a constantly changing field and legal firms look for ways to create value that helps clients and makes money. One idea that has gained traction is known as “new law.” This term refers to different forms of legal help that are offered outside of standard legal practice or as an adjunct to it. This can include things like assisting underserved communities, using new technology or establishing strategies that are not typically found in a law firm setting. A well planned strategy making use of these types of techniques can allow a firm to offer the kind of legal assistance that some clients need without impacting other areas of practice that might be their primary focus.

Several new laws went into effect July 1. They include recognition of Juneteenth as a state holiday, the Firearm Industry Responsibility Act, streamlining construction of affordable housing and changes to how criminal records are handled.

This bill would require City agencies that experience a data breach that exposes the private identifying information of persons to promptly notify those individuals. It would also make certain definitions more consistent with State law.

This bill requires bounty hunters to be licensed, educated and registered in order to operate in the State of California. The bill was prompted by the tragic death of a Palm Springs, California family by an illegal bounty hunter.