New Law – A Look at How a Law Becomes a Law

In the ever-changing world of the legal field, lawyers need to be open to new ideas at every turn. This is especially true when it comes to a growing area of law known as “new law.” The idea behind this practice is to offer a form of legal help that is different than the standard offering of a law firm. A well thought out plan using this concept can provide a way for any law firm to find new sources of revenue and create strategies that can benefit clients in ways that have not been possible before.

A look at how a bill becomes a law

Laws in the United States are created through a process called “legislation.” The first step is for a proposed policy to be drafted by the Government and then presented to Cabinet for approval and drafting of a bill. Once the bill is drafted, it goes through both houses of Congress for research, discussion, changes and voting before becoming a law.

New York City lawmaker introduces bill to help protect data privacy

A new law in the works would require City agencies to disclose information about a breach of personal data that affected the private information of a person, similar to what is required by State law. The law, dubbed Carlos’ Law after the tragic death of a worker at a construction site, would also establish criminal corporate liability for corporations that negligently, recklessly, intentionally or knowingly cause the death or injury of workers on their job sites. Read the full text of the bill here.