New Issues News at the University of South Carolina School of Law

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The University of South Carolina School of Law is launching a new scholarship for domestic violence victims in South Carolina. This is part of the school’s mission to educate students to become attorneys and provide access to legal services. In addition to the scholarship, the school will also help to fund a new home for the Pro Bono Board. It is a program that matches legal professionals with local citizens who need pro bono legal assistance.

In a similar move, the law school recently appointed professors to endowed chairs. These include Professor Joseph Grundfest, director of the Health & Pharmaceutical Law & Policy Program at the School of Law; Judge Shedd, a Fourth Circuit Judge; and Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States Samuel Alito.

Another noteworthy move was the introduction of a new Associate Dean for Diversity. Jan Baker has been named as Associate Dean for Diversity. Besides serving as Associate Dean, she is a clinical instructor at the School of Law. As part of her role, she will be teaching a course on Fourth Circuit practice.

Other notable changes are the hiring of a new Clinical Professor of Law and the introduction of a new course on health care law. Several faculty members have also been awarded 2021 Breakthrough Faculty Awards. Some of them are: Jane Baker, Bennett Nelson, Shelley Welton, and Pamela Robinson.

In addition, the University of South Carolina Law recently announced that it has received a donation of more than $1 million from the Konduros Fisherman Fund. This gift will be used to improve the school’s resources for students, as well as to increase the quality of its legal education.

Also, the law school is welcoming 217 new first-year students. Several of them are academically talented and will soon be leaders in the profession. For instance, one student is creating history. Alysja Carlisle ’18 is one of the first students to receive a full scholarship to attend South Carolina Law.

Additionally, the law school is encouraging students to make full use of its resources. This includes the Corporate Law Practice Center, which contains e-books, agency materials, and legal analysis. There are also dictionaries, audio pronunciation files, and relevant regulations.

Finally, the law school has a strong record of supporting students in the community. Students are currently helping to provide free tax assistance to low income residents in South Carolina. They are also working on an initiative that will help the state’s elderly population. With the support of these initiatives, the school is preparing to help more South Carolinians achieve a better financial future.

The Law School also recently celebrated the opening of its new building, which has been named after former Supreme Court Associate Justice Samuel Alito. At the ceremony, Alito delivered the keynote address and spoke about the importance of maintaining a culture of justice.

The Law School is also home to the Children’s Law Center, which is preparing to build a first-class teaching space. Moreover, the school will soon be able to offer a comprehensive training on child protection to lawyers. In addition, the law school’s Institute for Privacy Protection is planning to convene experts to discuss the use of technology by kids.