Law New in NYC

Whether they are seeking new clients or exploring innovative ways to help existing ones, legal firms are always looking for strategies that will maximize their potential. One area that has gotten a lot of attention lately is called “law new.” While this term is often difficult to pin down, it generally refers to a practice of law that does not operate in a traditional setting and typically employs staffers who are not on a partner track.

New York City

In addition to state-wide changes, many major new laws took effect in NYC this month, including new provisions for data breach notifications and a ban on keyless security devices for access to apartment buildings. For residents living in public housing, Assembly Bill A7273 will require NYCHA to notify tenants of the safety of their water within 24 hours if testing shows it is unsafe to use for cooking or drinking. It also requires that those contracted to test the water quality comply with federal and local laws.

Other legislation will protect NYCHA tenants from potentially dangerous security systems by requiring landlords to obtain written consent from tenants before installing such devices. Additionally, a new rule will allow the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP) to prepare a notice for agency employees and job applicants regarding student loan forgiveness programs.

On the other side of the spectrum, a new law will ensure residents have access to testing kits for drug adulterants such as fentanyl. The new rule allows local pharmacies to provide the kits to the public, and is referred to as Matthew’s Law, in honor of Matthew Horan, who died from a fentanyl-related overdose in 2020.

The new law also provides more transparency in government by ensuring that the public has access to records related to meetings of certain entities, including municipal corporations, not-for-profit legal entities, political parties and religious communities. The change will be effective immediately.