IAS Gyan’s Daily News App

daily news

Daily news is a topic that many students are interested in learning about. But it can be difficult to find time to read the numerous articles that are published in a regular newspaper on a daily basis. It is for this reason that IAS Gyan has designed a Daily Current Affairs App which contains the latest news and other related information from around the world.

Great Lakes Daily News

The Great Lakes Commission publishes a daily news newsletter for the Great Lakes region which is free to subscribers. It is designed to help people keep track of the latest news about our lakes, rivers and inland waters. The publication features an email digest of news stories curated by staff and is available to anyone with an Internet connection.

Science Daily

The Science Daily site is a breaking news resource featuring the most notable discoveries in the scientific fields of medicine, biology and technology. It provides readers with a selection of the most relevant scientific news stories from leading universities, journals and research organizations from across the globe. It is a valuable tool for educators, researchers and the general public to stay on top of what’s new in their fields.

Best of all, it is a fun way to learn about the latest science developments. The site offers breaking news, a calendar of the day’s biggest events, news tidbits, links to scientific papers, and an RSS feed for topics of interest.

One of the most interesting parts about this site is that you don’t have to have a science degree or even be a researcher to benefit from the material on the site. The materials are geared towards students of all ages, and they can be used in the classroom as well as at home to enhance students’ scientific literacy.


The e-dition is a digital replica of the print version of our daily newspapers, available for both computers and mobile devices. Its simple user interface and interactive features make it the most convenient, complete and cost-effective way to experience our news publications. With a subscription to our e-dition, you can enjoy the latest news stories from our world-class journalists and get access to an entire library of multimedia content.