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Business news is the part of journalism that covers the economic and financial activities of societies. This is the field of news that most newspapers, magazines, radio and television channels have a section dedicated to. Business news articles also cover the various trends and changes in these sectors, which are considered important for the growth of a country’s economy.

The nature of business varies across industries, but some common features include seeking profits, risk-taking, competition and innovation. The role of businesses in society is multifaceted, from generating employment to driving economic growth and contributing to social progress. While many business leaders have been accused of personal greed or insufficient scrutiny, few have been guilty of wickedness or evil intentions. Rather, most have simply been playing the game according to the new rules.

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Wall Street drifts lower as investors await fresh earnings reports, a new Fed chairman and the impact of Argentina’s president-elect on the peso. Plus, a look at how Mukesh Ambani plans to reshape the finance industry with his latest offspring.

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